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Old World Monkey workshop

We welcome you to the Old World Monkey workshop which will be held in GaiaZOO on 29 June until 1 July 2019. The workshop is primarily intended for those that work with these species  in EAZA and affiliated institutions, in zoos from other regional zoo associations, or are directly related to Old World Monkey research and conservation.

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The workshop will be a mix of presentations from keepers, TAG members and other professionals about everything Old World Monkey! The focus of the workshop is on the TAG species, which concerns the family Cercopithecidae.

We hope with this workshop to bring together as many Old World Monkey professionals as possible and in that way enhance their welfare in captivity, aid conservation activities and promote international collaboration.

 Poster OWM-Workshop

Workshop Programme

A rough overview of the programme can be found by clicking the following

Note that we are still reviewing the programme and that it may be subject to change. The final programme will be announced closer to the dates of the workshop.

Registrate here to attend the Old World Monkey Workshop

Call for abstracts

We invite you to share your Old World Monkey experiences on husbandry, research and conservation through poster or oral presentation. Send in your abstract (max. 300 words) before the 1st of May 2019 to AnimalWorkshops@GaiaZOO.nl

Travel to GaiaZOO (see below for Hotels/Airports)

Workshop Venue:
Hof van Gaia

Address for Sat-Nav
Brughofweg 25
6468PB Kerkrade
The Netherlands

Nearest bus stop:
Kerkradersteenweg, 5 minute walking distance
Bus routes: 20, 27, 620 and 627 

Nearest train station:
Station Chèvremont, 10 minute walking distance
Train route Sittard – Heerlen – Kerkrade, transfers are available in Heerlen

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List of Hotels

List of Airports

Through the link below you can find a selection of airports close to GaiaZOO:
List of Airports

For an overview of the locations, local bus routes and local train routes have a look at this map: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qE7YCnZut1JPUNL0axqCWbZTJxlLv6hI&usp=sharing

The information presented here only serves as an extra service and is therefore only an indication. The hotels operate independently from GaiaZOO and therefore GaiaZOO cannot, in any way, aid in any requests, questions, comments or issues with accommodation with any of the hotels or other types of accommodation the workshop participant may choose to stay. GaiaZOO is not responsible for the availability of accommodation with any of the hotels nor is GaiaZOO responsible for the pricing of the accommodation.

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